RecoverED is a personal project created to support and offer help to those suffering from eating disorders. I have created a logo, responsive website and facebook page for this project so far.

The goal of this project was to create a safe, supportive and informative web-space for those seeking help and advice about eating disorder recovery and in general. While that is the primary target, the website also serves as a resource and support network for family and friends of eating disorder battlers and provides accurate information about eating disorders to anyone who would like to understand or learn more about them.

This project was focused on the User Experience aspect of the website, as it is important that users are able to easily and quickly find contact information, resources and a place to connect with others, while also feeling safe and inspired to improve themselves.

I have designed both the logo and the website with this in mind.

The colour scheme of pastel blues and soft shades of beige help to convey a sense of calm and friendliness, to let users know that they are safe and welcome.

The logo icon itself portrays a bird breaking free from a box, representing breaking free from an eating disorder through recovery and sending the message to users that recovery is possible – this ideology is backed up by the slogan ‘Break free from your eating disorder,’ which is displayed on the home page of the website. The bird theme is used throughout the website, with stock photos selected from The box icon is also used for background patterns to keep the branding consistent and visible throughout the website.

References have been provided for all statistics and to give credit to the original sources and provide users with other useful resources.


Recover-ED, personal project


adobe-illustrator-iconADOBE ILLUSTRATOR

Creation of vector logo, typesetting, creating background pattern and graphics for use on the website.

adobe-photoshop-iconADOBE PHOTOSHOP

Editing, optimising and saving photos for the web. Website layout and image creation.


Adapting an existing WordPress theme through editing of HTML, CSS, PHP and Javascript to create a responsive website to be viewed on all devices including mobiles. Website graphic design, copy writing and editing, installation, security and maintenance of WordPress, installing and setting up various Plugins and Themes, working with a Child Theme.

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